Reference: CM50

Brand: Demcopack Davis

Davis СM50 Animal glue

Animal glue based on technical gelatine. This glue is particularly suitable for use on fast bookbinding machines like KOLBUS and HÖRAUF and fast covermachines like PERONDI AR/IR 900.
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Reference: 21520

Brand: KIWO - Kissel + Wolf Gmbh

Azocol Z133

AZOCOL Z 133 stencil emulsion is used for the production of high-quality, solvent and water resistant stencils. High resolution and excellent mesh bridging make it suitable for printing finest half-tones, lettering and designs.Universally suitable for nearly all applications of screen printing.
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Solvex Roller Paste


Roller paste - 0% VOC. 

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Solvex is a water-miscible, biodegradable paste used to clean ink rollers and offset blankets. It does not contain any harmful substances, i.e. crude oil distillates, thanks to which working with this agent is safer and more pleasant.

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Reference: 30054

Brand: ABC Allied

Roller Lube , 0.6kg

Roller-friction compound.When a unit, or units, of a multi color press is being run in a non-printing mode the inking rollers can generate substantial amounts of heat through internal friction. If this situation is allowed to continue or repeated on a regular basis roller life will be shortened dramatically. Roller Lube is designed specifically for this...
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Reference: 30049

Brand: ABC Allied

CRUD Roller Paste , 1kg

CRUD Roller Paste is a paste cleaning product designed for use on rubber inking rollers. It is ideal for use where thorough removal of all pigment residues is required, such as critical color changes.
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